In order to track your cargo, please enter the Cargo Agent Network ID, your Login Name, and your Password. If you have not received these codes please request them via email at

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  • Arriving Arriving: The cargo is in a Pickup Order.
  • Pending Pending: The cargo is pending to be received (assign a location) at the warehouse.
  • Ordered Ordered: The cargo has been ordered to the provider with a Purchase Order.
  • On Hand On Hand: The cargo is in the warehouse.
  • Loaded Loaded: The cargo is loaded in a Cargo Release or a Shipment.
  • In Transit In Transit: The cargo has already left the warehouse and is on route to its destination.
  • At Destination At Destination: The cargo has already arrived at its destination point.
  • Delivered Delivered: The cargo has been delivered to the consignee.